Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rhodes, rhodes, rhodes your boat

This morning, back to house hunting. Ive finally settled on 3 final choices.
Option 1: Super lux 1 bedder with split level loft-style bedroom, pool n gym, closest to train n bus and work. (335/wk)

Option 2: Medium lux 2 bedder with facilities, still within easy access to work, mall and bus. Yet to be viewed (340/wk)

Option 3: Very lux 1 bedder with facilities, but small living space. Very close to mall and food and within easy access to train and bus. (350/wk)

Bottomline, its gotta be at Rhodes or Liberty Grove cos my pampered toosh can't bear living in a shithole like Meadowbank and I dislike dirty. Hope I get my pad this weekend!!

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