Wednesday, February 21, 2007

AOL (Art of Living not America On-Line)

I attended the Art of Living course based on a coworker's suggestion a couple weeks back. I saw the change in my coworker and thought it was worth a try. He just seems more energetic at peace and happier and claims that his wrist pains were gone. I went to the class hoping to get more energy and to cope with stress and maybe even get rid of my wrist pains.

Being a skeptic, I was waiting for a little bit until I commented on it. The 6 day course was mostly about being in the present and teaching the Sudarshan Kriya (AOL breathing / meditation). Overall it was a good experience.

They hold weekly sessions of the Sudarshan Kriya and I just got back from another session. Like last week and during the course it felt good. It feels like my mind gets a reboot (Ya, I am a geek for using this term) and I always leave the session happy and singing with the radio on the way home. I do have better energy and focus the last two weeks so I can attribute that to the course. Will have to see if I can keep this up and if the benefits keep coming.


Flossie said...

Hi Jack, sounds like Buddhist Vippasana Meditation. Ask Lynn she has gone through it in Malaysia.

Jack said...

Ya, Lynn told me about it. Maybe will try to find a place to do the meditation with her

Kevina said...

Interesting to know.