Thursday, December 21, 2006

Did I mention great food?

So last weekend, D and I went on an eating binge. We hit Domo's Japanese restaurant which served village-style sushi (the best Ive had ever!) When can we go again?? Look at how much food we had: If i concentrate real hard, I can still taste the Maguro and smelt roe in japanese mayonaise.
he next day, we had Vesta's dipping grill, which is a unique place where you're served with your choice of 3 different sauces (of maybe 50 sauces) to go with your meats. D had some divine venison that melts in your mouth and oozes flavour. I had lamb which was pretty darn good, but I liked the venison more.

Tuesday night (before the storm) it was a good thing we filled out 4 stomachs each full of Japango! which offers all-you-can-eat Japanese food only on tuesdays. This was our second visit since I got here but it was still good as hell. Must haves include: tuna tempura, shrimp dynamite and Ikura sushi! i love Ikura. Spicy tuna roll was good as well. We were with D's friends Mike and Shelley and we all had a good time. Forgot to take a pic at Japango again...was too busy eating to remember.

So the next time you're ever in Denver, here's a tip...bring your extra stomachs!

Shiver me timbers!!!!!!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho...not yet a merry xmas..but it does seem to look like Santa's going to have a hard time navigating to Colorado kids. Its been 2 days since DK and I stepped out of the house. Started snowing really heavy the entire wednesday (as you can tell from the 2 day CNN headlines we made) we currently have maybe 1.5ft of snow around the perimeter of the hse...meaning, one gets one gets out. ...I hope the groceries last...DOnt make me kill Wuki!!!!!

DK has been happily wowing cos he's snowed in from work. seems like life in ft.collins has come to a weird stand-still. no cars on the roads (except the ones that got stuck). Here are some views from home:

1. Foxbrook Way before snow storm:
2. Foxbrook Way after snow storm: Looks pretty. Doesnt do justice to how bad it really is

Maybe this one?

Hopefully Denver International wont be closed tomorrow since our flight is at 930pm, still a chance they could remain closed. Well, if we dont make the flight...least theres great food in Denver!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holly Cow ...Fort Collins

I guess it didn't quite register when Laine said she was snowed in. Thanks to some visual aid from Benson, I know one thing they have plenty of in Fort Collins is SNOW. Haha.. I am sure Laine must not be looking forward to Tahoe. No worries Laine and DK, sunshine awaits in 2 days.. hopefully we too have been freezing here as well, low 40's high 50's :).

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hotpot at Jae's

Last Sunday we were invited to Jae's for hotpot. Hat's off to Jae for pulling off a hotpot party for almost 40 people. We brought Bailey along to meet Jae's new Pom, Polo. He is so sweet and well behaved. Bailey as usual was acting puppy like around Polo. I think they had fun, but we all had more fun just watching them ..

Jae and Polo, proud mommy

Bailey's first encounter with stairs, he was experimenting with climbing.
It didn't take long before he was running up and down, even daddy couldn't catch him.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vegas bagus

So the blogger has been acting up, not letting me post pics for awhile. anyway its finally up again and here are some stunners from our reel.

This is the in one of the 2 reception areas in the Venetian

This is right outside The Venetian, Tao is a hot club where all the celebs go. and guess who I saw in Vegas?? Chris Kattan aka Mango on SNL...!!!

Paris Hotel's Champs Elysees

Eiffel tower at Paris hotel

The fountain show outside Bellagio. Note the mirror reflection of Caeser's Palace.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

O is for the only one I see

Chapter 2: O' what a beautiful night

The main reason for going to Vegas was that Danny got us tickets for Cirque Du Soleil's "O". It was perfect, the imagery, the art of human movement...fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again D! The show was on the last night we were in town, after our French buffet, we just walked across to The Bellagio where the show was held. I was joking to D that since Ive seen one CDS now, I gotta see them all!! But those of you who think you wanna pamper yourself with a good night out, I strongly recommend this. Sorry I cant put any pics of the show, we're not allowed to photograph them, but you can look at

It was definately our lucky night, cos we had great food, great entertainment and as we were walking to the show, the fountain show from Bellagio went on, was a real treat! Also, Im beginning to really like walks. We walked 40 mins home to Venetian and I enjoyed every minute of it, except the freezing desert winds! I cant seem to post any pics on the blog tonight. I'll try again tomorrow. sorry folks. but you remember how I look like. 8P

V for very,very extraordinary

This is the recap of my 4d/3n trip to Vegas last weekend.

Chapter 1: Of Buffets, mice and men

Danny and I were totally excited to be in Vegas since its the first time for both of us. All we could think abt was the glorious food we've been hearing abt from so many sources. I looked up the internet for top places for buffets and we narrowed it to our top 3 choices, since one can only have so many buffets in a day! First stop was international buffet at Wynn hotel. Laine's rating gives its full scores for aesthetics, not so much on service and yeah, you betcha the shrimp and alaskan king crab legs were mighty fine!! Imagine a fat kid (and i mean grossly overweight) in a chocolate store, salivate salivate salivate...ate a whole lot that night...good thing we walked back to the hotel after, just to get our GITs cracking. I absolutely loved the decor, reminded me of a modern alice in wonderland.

Dinnertime no. 2, target seafood buffet at Rio's The Village Seafood Restaurant. This place had great reviews from everyone, including our cab driver so we had our hopes up. In the end, food was so-so, atmosphere was like being in a room full of big burly men, with their big chunky fingers trying to pry open those crab legs. Not pretty. This night, I was just happy being with the best looking guy in there. hahaha. We didnt have too many crab legs cos 1. We ate a whole fishing boat full at Wynn the other night and 2. Wynn actually had them peeled!!!! imagine that! Even Caeser had to have his grapes with the skin on 'em. We were pampered too much on day 1 to be impressed by Rio. Oh, did i mention lobsters??? yeah, that...and oysters??? mmmMMmmm good.

Night 3, we decided to go all Parisian and head down to Paris Hotel for french buffet. The setting in this one was stylish, very realistic and had a very romantic feel, (if u neglect the ever ringing sound of slots around you) Food was great, we liked this one much more than Rio's. Dessert was heavenly. Definately food coma after that. So, food in Vegas is definately a strong driving point to wanna come back for more. Just gotta know where to go, unless you were born in the Ooi family and are blessed with more stomachs than a cow. No mice were involved in this trip.

Saturday, December 2, 2006


Wow Jack, it is just like a movie. I replayed 5 times. Bailey has grown. I noticed he bites too right.

Friday, December 1, 2006

First Blog

My part time maids went back to their homeland and I was without help for the past one and a half months. With my gym schedule and the daily chores I can hardly find time to organise my usual "lepaking" sessions.

Auntie Ah Choo recommended me her part time maids from Mynmar. They came today and I find them just as good as the old ones. They charge Rm50.00 for 3 hours of housework. They vacume,mob,wipe,clean the aircondintioning, fans to washing all the toilets.

Guess all of you over in US must be "mouthing watering" for this opportunity. This is one of the benefits over here. hahahha.

However, Mr OBS came home and still vacumn the house today. Really a person who does not know how to relex "hong siew".

Dad will be in China with uncle Richard and pals for a 5 days holiday. Poor me home alone.

It is 1.oo am now good nite