Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shiver me timbers!!!!!!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho...not yet a merry xmas..but it does seem to look like Santa's going to have a hard time navigating to Colorado kids. Its been 2 days since DK and I stepped out of the house. Started snowing really heavy the entire wednesday (as you can tell from the 2 day CNN headlines we made) we currently have maybe 1.5ft of snow around the perimeter of the hse...meaning, one gets one gets out. ...I hope the groceries last...DOnt make me kill Wuki!!!!!

DK has been happily wowing cos he's snowed in from work. seems like life in ft.collins has come to a weird stand-still. no cars on the roads (except the ones that got stuck). Here are some views from home:

1. Foxbrook Way before snow storm:
2. Foxbrook Way after snow storm: Looks pretty. Doesnt do justice to how bad it really is

Maybe this one?

Hopefully Denver International wont be closed tomorrow since our flight is at 930pm, still a chance they could remain closed. Well, if we dont make the flight...least theres great food in Denver!


Lynn said...

It looks really pretty with the snow covered streets, I guess it's prettier when I get to witness it from a 70 degrees room. Wuk is so cute, look svery well behaved. I sure hope you guys make it tomorrow night, see you soon.

Flossie said...

Wow it is just like in the movie...all the white snow covered streets and trees. It is really very beautiful. I guess if Wuki steps out he will sink right in. Wuki looks so sweet and fragile compared to Bailey, the bully.