Friday, December 1, 2006

First Blog

My part time maids went back to their homeland and I was without help for the past one and a half months. With my gym schedule and the daily chores I can hardly find time to organise my usual "lepaking" sessions.

Auntie Ah Choo recommended me her part time maids from Mynmar. They came today and I find them just as good as the old ones. They charge Rm50.00 for 3 hours of housework. They vacume,mob,wipe,clean the aircondintioning, fans to washing all the toilets.

Guess all of you over in US must be "mouthing watering" for this opportunity. This is one of the benefits over here. hahahha.

However, Mr OBS came home and still vacumn the house today. Really a person who does not know how to relex "hong siew".

Dad will be in China with uncle Richard and pals for a 5 days holiday. Poor me home alone.

It is 1.oo am now good nite


Lynn said...

Congratulations! Mom you made it. I will let laine brign back a digital camera for both of you so that you can document pictures.

Lynn said...

What a live you have back home .. sigh.

Janice said...

Hi Auntie! How are you doing? Isn't this great? I could never imagine my mom blogging!!! We should really catch up soon. Ever since we had lunch at that Fish place in Klang, I can't seem to stop thinking of it. I'll be away for Christmas. Hope to see you when I get back - not sure whether Laine will be back or not. Now that your 2 daughters are finally away, you can finally scoop up some lambada at home? hehehe...