Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Danny's Visit

So Danny visited on thursday to pick Laine up for Colorado. Heh..she somehow was capable of flying herself halfway around the globe, but couldn't quite make the last leg. I guess that's how people who are in-love can "oh loh". So we picked him up from the airport and then head over to dinner at Dynasty chinese restaurant. It was quite unfortunate that I was having this bad sore throat that we thought was a start to a flu. Food was good but I wasn't feeling well. My condition worsen on friday, with high fever every 6 hours when my tylenol would wear out. I tried to see a doctor but they were fully booked. So the doctor called in a 5 day antibiotic for me to pick up from the pharmacy on sunday. On saturday, we went to SF. Danny got his hair cut and I got my hair permed. We then went to the new mall in SF by Westfield. It was really nice. So unfortunately, I was not really a good host time time, being sick most of the time. But I am sure the two of them were fine just so happy to be with each other. Send them off to the airport on sunday nite after Horace and Becky visited us at home.

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