Thursday, November 30, 2006

Award Presentation

Lynn: Hey dad you look pretty trim beside this other student :)

Hi Children,

Two days ago I "low sai" and today I "tora" 3 times inthe hotel hehheheh.This morning Dad and I dressed up pretty well in suiteand kebaya and off to his office at 8am. At 10am wedrove to Shangrila Hotel for the briefing which wasscheduled at 11am. Most reciepents were on timeexcept for 1.There were altogether 3,500 applications for theEndeavour awards. Out of this number Malaysia managedto secure 13 placings. Laines award was the highestpaid one and there were only 4 successful students.The balance 9 reciepents were for smaller awards likeAus50K and Aus25k grants.It was quite fun during the briefing conducted by thecouncellar of education, Aust Hight Comm in KL,Mr AdamCalon.All reciepents sat on the right with the VVP andparents on the left. So I was on the left and theoldest reciepent (Dad) hahaha on the right.After that we left for lunch at Renaissance on our owncos only reciepents were invited.We are parentsremember "ang mo tik". You know what Dad pandai2 worehis new pair of very tight shoes which he boughtduring lynn's graduation 6 yrs ago. He suffered somuch so that on returning to Shangrila he had to rushto his car to change to his old pair.Now the presentation. All were seated and had to waitawhile for the VVP. Our Malaysian minister DatukMustaffa represented our PM came in first and mixaround with the reciepents while waiting for theAust.PM Mr John Howard. The PM is a very joyful manquite casual and friendly.Then Mr Adam Calon officiated the ceremony by invitingthe PM for a speech and followed by Datuk Mustaffa,Malaysian Minister of Higher Learning who alsograduated from Australia years ago.The speeches were sweet and short and sorry forgottenwhat were said hahahhah.Then the presentation. They started with the topachievers knowningly who......Mrang,...Miss...,Miss... and then MR OOI ops there werelaughter and Mr Adam annouced that Mr Ooi isrepresenting Ms Ooi Li Laine his daughter for theaward prsentation and MR PM said Excellent.There were professional photographers to take photos. I will follow up with the High Comm ladies for theprints. Unfortunately we had no digital camera butexcept my beach one (laine you know the one you found)but I will ask the High Comm,ladies whether they couldemail me a print. I was too excited so much so whenDad was accepting the award I forgot to snap. Luckilywe hve the professional prints hehhehe.All the staff at the Aust High Comm were very helpfuland they told me to get in touch cos they said theyalso want to look as nice as me in the Kebaya... nojoke but true.Dad had a chat with Mr Adam and invited him for golfsomeday and he really gave Dad his card.


Donald said...

Hello Flossie!!!

Lynn said...

Hey Mom,

No pictures of you in your Kebaya?