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Stress melting away

I have been driving to Kissmet twice this week, and each time I can feel my stress melt away as I drive towards the mountain. Someday this will be what it will be like driving home.

 Overcast day so dreamy...
Sunny day .. oh what a sight

Upp vs Cotton Shire Geotech

Breakthrough this week on getting the grading permit.
Upp 1, Cotton 0. We did a test pit to determine the depth of piers needed for the retaining landscape wall. Dark soil is top soil that is unstable. Light colored soil is capable of supporting the foundation.

Two test pits we dug one between lot A and B on the down slope shows 1-2 ft of top soil before hitting supported soil . This means foundation only needs to be 2 feet deep.
Second pit is in front of lot C there was about 6 ft of top soil before hitting supported soil.
All very good news and both engineered agreed we can proceed with Allan block walls with this finding! That just saved us for the additional 100K cost to have pierce wall.

+ Cotton agreed to Allen block walls (saved 100K)
+ Terry value engineered removing 1 of 2 walls (-30K) by lowering driveway 3'
+ Add 3 common parking spaces (+30K)
+ Possibly increasing living room ceiling to 10' by lowering 1st floor by 1'

Win win all around.

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